Packaging Mockup

Globally sourced chocolate bar packaging. Modern design targeted to young professionals, inspired by a young fashion designer.

An artisan chocolate company ‘Cocoloco’ is looking for chocolate bar packaging designs that are striking, modern, and inspired by the countries the cocoa originates from.

Their products are a range of chocolate bars from around the world. The core audience is young professionals and products are aimed at the luxury end of the food market, in high-end delis, gift shops and gourmet food fairs. The initial packaging design for one of their chocolate bars will be expanded to the entire range of products.


My idea is to use designs inspired by young fashion designers in the various countries. This approach ensures the designs are authentic to the locales, as well as being modern and appealing to a young audience. The information panel will feature a brief bio of the designer along with some info on the city or country. Buyers will learn a tidbit of geography and fashion design while enjoying delicious flavors.

This package is based on cocoa sourced from Cote d’Ivoire. Pieces by designer Salimata Bamba inspired the colors, pattern, and cutout style of the front.

The pattern is built in Illustrator using a “flower of life” geometric pattern, filled with shapes to form a repeating flower. Text is set using the brand standards of Bodoni and Gotham for a modern and classic look.

Each bar will have an embossed sticker on the top with the type of chocolate, country of origin, and continent. Color schemes for each bar will be unique but will compliment the other bars. Patterns below the sticker, and how the company name fits in, will be different and based on the fashion inspiration.

This is a fictional project to work on quick sketch and design skills. Project source: