Project: The Novice Driver’s Road Map

Training guide for new drivers

The digital workbook guides parents through specific driving practice exercises


The workbook was first a print piece then became an interactive pdf. There are 8 practice drives that start with basics and become more challenging. Each drive has an explanation, area for notes, and place to track time.


  • Easy to read quickly
  • Easy to track time and number of drives
  • Clearly outline the 8 exercises and purpose for each


  • Clear hierarchy and white space keep the information scannable
  • Checkboxes show that each task is ideally performed 3 times; notes area is included
  • Each drive has a unique color scheme and large headline

I updated the Novice Driver’s Road Map (or NDRM) print booklet which had staggered page widths, so the drive title bars were easy to tab to reach the correct page. We kept that bar for the electronic version and converted boxes to pdf forms. Making the NDRM a digital document means it can be more easily and widely distributed.

The colors are bright and coordinate with the NETS logo colors; red is reserved for important safety notes.

A promotional flier with statistics and details was also created.