Project: DSO Civic Education Season Brochure

Colorful, elegant brochure to highlight music education

Targeted to past and potential program supporters, the brochure highlights the programs offered, corporate sponsors, and calendar of events.


The director of education/artistic director for the civic ensembles at the DSO needed an elegant brochure to appeal to potential donors while also informing a wider audience of the season's offerings.


  • Create an elegant impression to reflect the high quality of the programs and appeal to donors
  • Showcase each type of ensemble and concert series separately, reflecting the multitude of programs
  • Use a fun look to emphasize that these programs are fun for students and families


  • Large photos, a horizontal layout in unusual size, and understated typography give an upscale impression
  • Each ensemble and concert series it on its own spread so each one stands out on its own
  • Colorful blocks of color, callouts in circles, and a musical line add a bit of whimsy

To appeal to potential patrons, the brochure has to be high quality. I started with some basic concepts of growth, movement, and music, using different shapes and photo treatments to tell the story. This design is the “music” theme, with a line on every page representing music bars and the circles that are like notes but more like instrument keys (think flute or clarinet). The bright colors keep the look lively. Using different page widths to the get the tab effect means that all the programs are viewable at a glance.

The program layouts feature a large image on the left page. The right page has the basic program info with a circle behind it, and info on other venues where students perform. It also includes a calendar of events for that specific program, with the entire calendar found at the end of the brochure.

Coordinating display signs

Signs to promote the programs were displayed inside and outside Orchestra Hall entrances.