Project: Drive Safely Work Week

Campaign for employers to encourage safe driving

The Drive Safely Work Week campaign is a web-based campaign targeted to employers to encourage safe-driving practices for all employees—not just company car drivers.


Design and create a campaign website for employers, along with coordinating print and web-based graphics for employees.


  • design compelling print pieces that are easy to read and distribute
  • design and develop campaign website and preview website
  • design social media and print graphics for employers to share


  • pdf files with sheets for employers and sheets to distribute to employees
  • preview website to encourage downloads; web page with form to access download; website with all materials and graphics available, as well as tips and resource links
  • graphics optimized for twitter and facebook, and a series of web-ad sized banners

What is Drive Safely Work Week (DSWW)?

This campaign is provided by NETS (Network of Employers for Traffic Safety), a public-private partnership for traffic safety within their fleets and communities. DSWW is targeted to employers with vehicle fleets, encouraging them to promote safe-driving practices to the rest of the company and in the community. Large and small companies and government agencies have downloaded materials.

I’m responsible for design, layout, and providing final files for print pieces including posters, handouts, and specialty items, as well as the design and development of coordinating websites, and design and final files for social media graphics. I work closely with the campaign developer/writer throughout the process—from initial theme meeting though the launch. We are a team of 2 for campaign production, and my colleague’s ability to give clear feedback and be open to my ideas has made this a good project since 2009.

2017: Drowsy, Distracted, or Focused...Your Decisions Drive Your Safety

First the poster and print pieces are designed, along with graphics and icons that are also used in presentations, etc. I get started on the website while the print pieces go through the approval process.

I also create graphic teasers for materials launch, for the week before DSWW, and shareable graphics for use during the campaign.

DSWW has been promoted across the industry including every year in the Department of Transportation blog. Well-known companies like Detroit’s DTE Energy participates and tweets graphics.

Previous Years

Each campaign has a unique theme, but there is a family feel by keeping the grid structure the same through the years.