Project: AMI Strategies website

Standardizing brand look and making content easier to access

Having a distinct color palette, simplified typography, and ample white space help give an impression of a professional, friendly company

Standardized logo and color scheme

The logo uses an orange box and basic typography, but over the years different versions crept in. I standardized the logo and developed a color palette to coordinate with the official orange color.

Web site

The marketing team identified different topic sections for visitors, based on what problem they might be experiencing. This was a change from the previous site which listed AMI Strategies product names. Each of the 4 sections identifies a typical problem AMI solves, and is set up to have video and additional content added in the future.

The design is meant to focus on the content, so there is plenty of white space, basic typography, and clear delineations between content chunks. Text that highlights an important AMI point or question is called out in orange so that it’s easy to scan.

Why the elephants? Well, the people at AMI Strategies like to use elephants because those images are unexpected and get attention. But using basic stock images isn’t ideal, so I started with a stock image and created a one-color version. The elephants are there but allow the headlines to keep the focus on the page.

The top menu bar stays at the top when the page is scrolled, but takes up less vertical space during the scroll.