Project: Wedding Invitation Package

Vintage travel theme invites guests to join in the adventure

Custom designed, hand printed, and hand assembled package reflects the personal focus of the wedding

Personal design to fit a personal event

Each piece of the invitation was handmade. The envelope was folded from a map showing the location of the island and sealed with a sticker illustration of a rope heart knot, which was used like a logo for the event (the couple tied a heart knot during the ceremony). The entire package was wrapped in a hand-printed belly band and tied with twine.

Inside the package was the actual invite, an rsvp postcard, and a booklet. The couple’s wedding was in a tourist area so every guest would need to travel. Because the location was chosen for it’s special meaning to the couple, the booklet shared their story.

Vintage Michigan postcards were used for the front of the rsvp, and every invite used a different image. The grooms mother created a collage of all the postcards as wall art, which each guest signed at the wedding.

Wedding favors were handmade leather luggage tags with an adventure theme. The tags are leather strips with designs burned using a wood burner.