Project: Tru Vision Marketing Brochures

Setting a distinct company look under a larger brand umbrella

Standing out as an affiliate practice while following brand guidelines for Ameriprise Financial is a colorful challenge

Tru Vision Wealth Management is a private practice associated with Ameriprise Financial Services. They were looking for 2 distinct brochures, one to recruit associates and one for potential clients. The brochures would be printed as well as emailed, so needed to work well as spreads but also have the right number of pages for printing.

Each of the inside spreads has a photo and color bar on the left page, and matching headline color with text on the right page. The samples shown here are the front and back cover on top of 2 inside page spreads.

One fun part of the Ameriprise guidelines for Advisors is the color scheme. Colors used can only be logo blue, gray for a certain classification of advisor, and up to two color pairs. Each color pair (like yellow/green or blue/purple) has 2 hues, so there are 4 distinct colors available in a color scheme.

The recruitment brochure uses purple/blue and the potential client brochure uses green/blue.