Project: PTI logo and design standards manual

New logo and design standards to reflect a new marketing strategy

The company has a great history of organic growth but is ready for a refresh to better tell their story to customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Logo refresh

The old logo had a lockup with the “Quality Containment Solutions” text, which didn’t reflect the other aspects of the business. They wanted to keep the red color, and for the new logo to to retain some familiar aspect of the old one. They liked the idea of adding a symbol to help distinguish the name.

During our meetings, the client talked about their commitment to customers and employees, and their excitement about new strategies and offerings. Based on this, one design I developed used the diamond shape used in the final logo. The lettering uses an italic typeface to give some forward momentum, and the line is a reminder of the old logo while also making the letters and diamond into an arrow.

Graphic standards guide

The second part of the project was a comprehensive design guide. It features how to use and not use the logo, the color palette, a typography section, a grid section, as well as samples of supporting graphics and ideas for how to use the logo on various promotional materials.

A few sample pages are shown here.