Project: Markit Strategies and PR

Marketing website for B-to-B experts

A look at website evolution through this site for a group of marketing consultants


The first design used overlapping boxes that stretched/contracted with the browser window width. The squares coordinated with the business cards.

A 2009 site refresh featured content reorganization and setting up WordPress as a CMS.

In 2013, I updated the mobile design.


The working team has been expanding with client needs. As part of the updated people section, I reworked the home page to be scrolling single page.


The design has minor tweaks while the backend got an upgrade so it’s easier for multiple editors to make updates. The navigation has a nice effect of taking less space when scrolling down the page.

Client History

Peggy Fenwick, the founder of Markit Strategies, was my boss in the marketing department at Future Three Software. She hired me back as an independent contractor when I left, and we've worked together regularly since she set up her own shop.