Project: Channel Partner Meeting

Promoting a fun and informative meeting for software channel partners

The meeting is a way for channel partners who sell the software to learn tips, techniques, and what's in development, along with fun activities highlighting the city.

The Channel Partner Meeting in a nutshell

Attendance on Demand (SaaS) and InfoTronics’ Attendance Enterprise (self-hosted) applications are not sold directly, but through a network of partners that help their clients with HR and payroll systems. Each year, these partners are invited to a different city for company presentations and events in and around the city.

Theme: Family Reunion

This was Attendance on Demand’s 10 year anniversary, and they wanted a reunion theme for the channel partner meeting. The event was in Detroit with the big party at The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, birthplace of the Model T. My family used to own a Model T so I had plenty of reference for the main image.

Each department had an activity as an easy way to introduce attendees to employees. Since the departments would be like a unique family within the reunion, we thought they could have team shirts. And to highlight some of the exciting areas in Detroit, each team was paired with a neighborhood.

Once the neighborhood logos were designed, each letter in the word “family” represents a different team, tying the reunion theme together.

Along with the theme and neighborhood logos, I create email headers, signs, art for giveaways, and tall signs for each department that showed where the neighborhood they were representing was located.

Previous Years

Each year, the theme is different and the graphics highlight the theme, using the location as inspiration when appropriate.