Project: Andonix logo and standards manual

Logo for a startup with big plans for manufacturing workers

Intuitive work instruction software to connect people, process and place

Start with the name

The company was known as TriPi (pronounced tri-pee) which isn’t great for marketing. The client, the marketing team, and I talked about the true heart of the company which is about making sure a manufactured product has consistent quality output. Andon lights, typically a tower of 3-5 colors of lights, allows shop floor workers to alert when they encounter quality issues. Problems can be fixed before the product is finished.

I came up with a number of names and the one that resonated was Andonix. The client secured the url, and I was ready to design the logo. The logo would need to showcase the company as friendly, efficient, and trustworthy.

logo design process

I started with sketches and narrowed the designs to 3 to show the client. They all feature a rounded sans-serif typeface, which looks both friendly and high tech. Because the logo might be used on very tiny pieces in the future I wanted to stay away from fussy type and symbols.

Once a black/white version was modified and finalized, I added a bright color scheme to reflect the fresh approach of the company and distinguish it from their competitors.

The brand standards guide

The second part of the project was a comprehensive design guide. It features how to use and not use the logo, primary and secondary color palettes, a typography section, a grid section, as well as samples of supporting graphics and ideas for how to use the logo on various promotional materials.

A few sample pages are shown here.