One brief to rule them all

From the website:

“One of the team members, always a different person, would read the exact same document out loud, word for word. The document, about three–quarters of a printed page, contained a tiny creative brief about the design they were working on. Reading it out loud was how they started every design meeting, whether it was a brainstorming meeting or a design review.
Typically, this little pledge–of–allegiance–like ritual took about two minutes to complete. Not much really. However, it completely changed the tenor of the meeting.”

Read the full post here, it’s awesome:

Basically, someone had one of those brilliant ideas that seem like common sense would have dictated this a long time ago. Read a short creative brief on the project before each meeting. That’s it.

I’ve done that on message boards—which as a contractor is a far more likely discussion area than a meeting room—but have not made sure everyone involved read it on a regular basis. I’m enamored with the idea, because I think it will:

I’ll be implementing this as necessary, starting with the next big project. Thanks for sharing, Jared Spool.